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The Nest

The Nest is a comfortable and welcoming space, set up to provide social support to people experiencing difficulties at Rainbow Serpent Festival – with a particular focus on Gender-Based Violence and Trans-inclusivity.

We are determined to create an environment where everyone feels safe, respected and included at Rainbow. We are proud The Nest is returning for its third year, and hope to further a dialogue in our desire to increase awareness of a culture that promotes consent and trans and gender diverse inclusivity.

The Nest is located roughly opposite Hammock Land (near Medical Services) and aims to provide social support and friendship to people experiencing issues on site with a focus on gender-based violence (GBV).

The Nest services are for all people, of all genders with a particular focus on survivors of sexual assault and family violence.

The Nest includes two services operated by Rainbow Serpent: The Nest Lounge and The Nest Hub. The Nest also hosts Dancewize operations. Open 24 hrs, The Nest will work in unity with the current harm reduction, safety and medical services on site. Created by women, trans and gender diverse people The Nest aims to support our fellow festivalgoers in a spirit of advocacy, community and connection.


Are you a Social Worker, Psychologist or Counsellor (or a student in these fields) with a particular interest in responding to Gender-Based Violence – or promoting and supporting Trans and Gender inclusivity?

Be a part of the diverse, supportive and experienced team of phenomenal humans that make up The Nest!


The Nest Lounge

We are proud to announce The Nest Lounge. It is a space for all women, trans, gender non-binary people and their allies to gather and support each other. The Nest Lounge provides a quiet space for retreat and reflection away from the crowds at RSF.

If you are experiencing the impact of gender-based harassment or assault, we encourage you to talk to the highly trained staff inside this space. On-site senior support advocacy staff will also be available if required to listen and provide support without judgment. We will provide the level of care that you feel comfortable with.

The Nest Lounge is for everyone who shares the values this space represents, and you don’t need to be having a negative experience to benefit from the community and connection that is on offer within. Join us for a chat, some quiet reflection, participate in some origami or just enjoy a cup of tea.


The Nest Hub

At the centre of The Nest, The Nest Hub provides the perfect meeting point for volunteers to direct your needs. This space serves as a place for peaceful relaxation, or a place for people to chill out while their friends and loved ones receive care and support.

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon one of our impromptu workshops or support circles – or you may just make some new friends!


The Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets are a brightly-coloured presence new from within The Nest in 2018 and returning for their second year. You will find Rainbow Lorikeets on the dance-floors providing bystander-intervention-education, looking out for mates and dispensing consent information. Give them a friendly welcome if you find yourself dancing next to one of them, on one of our four main dance-floors.



The Nest will host Dancewize operations, which comprise government-funded services aimed at drug and alcohol-related harm reduction on site. With both education and chill out spaces Dancewize provides information on alcohol and drugs and disseminates health-related supplies to festival patrons.

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