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Rainbow operates under very strict permit capacity which we are not allowed to exceed.  For this reason and out of respect for patrons who have done the right thing we have decided to take a much tougher stance against people who try to gain entry to the festival without a valid ticket / wristband.  If you are caught without a valid wristband you are trespassing which carries a maximum penalty of nearly $3,000 or 6 months imprisonment.

If you are caught with a forged wristband you face the more serious crimes of Falsification of a Document, Obtaining Financial Advantage by Deception and Trespass.

Every year Rainbow provides a number of different avenues to access discounted tickets or volunteer roles.  We encourage people to take advantage of these opportunities.

We will work closely with an increased security presence and Victoria Police to identify and prosecute people caught trespassing.  Those caught aiding trespassers will also be ejected from the festival.  We are also working closely with Vicroads and abandoned vehicles left on the side of the road around the festival site will be towed.