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Your Health / Substances / Driver Impairment & Police

Rainbow Serpent strongly advises you not to bring any illegal substances to the festival site. With a number of incredibly sad tragedies this summer the risk is just not worth it! Victoria Police will be conducting operations within the surrounding area targeting impaired driving and searching for illicit substances. If you are caught in possession of, or caught selling illegal substances the consequences can be life changing. We support the efforts of Victoria Police in their work to keep impaired drivers off our roads. Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol is dangerous and puts lives at risk, there is no excuse for this reckless behaviour.

Alcohol and drug use (prescription and illicit) continues to be a significant health issue around Australia.  Within the festival grounds we have a trained and well provisioned emergency response team dedicated to keeping patrons safe. However, people getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle when impaired by alcohol, drugs or prescription medication is a real concern we feel needs addressing.


Don’t drive impaired or with drugs in your system!

Don’t drive to Rainbow, or from Rainbow, or ANYWHERE impaired, you’re putting your own life as well as your passengers and other road users and our community’s reputation at risk! In Victoria roadside drug testing does not test for impairment! You may feel completely fine to drive and still fail the test. DO NOT DRIVE if you feel you could have detectable drugs in your system!

In 2012 an unacceptable 21% of drivers involved in road deaths were found to have THC (marijuana) in their system!   Since 1997 Victoria Police have breath tested over 20 million drivers on our roads and we expect Victoria Police will increase their presence conducting alcohol and drug testing over the festival period so expect to be tested when arriving and leaving the festival. We do not want impaired drivers on our roads!


Get Tested Before You Leave!

Rainbow in conjunction with Blow Me First will be providing alcohol and drug testing for patrons concerned about their ability to drive from Sunday. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service and be safe! If patrons are in doubt about their ability to drive they can leave their car onsite (at own risk) after registering at the Infotent and catch a shuttle bus to Beaufort or Ballarat to connect with public transport back to Melbourne.  Patrons can then come back later in the week to pick up their vehicle.

Drug tests are $20, or $10 if you present your car pass, at the following times and locations:

SUNDAY 28th JAN (INTERNAL & GATE) – 9:00- 20:00
MONDAY 29th JAN (INTERNAL & GATE) – 8:00-22:00
TUESDAY 30th JAN (INTERNAL & GATE) – 7:00 – 15:00

We want all of our patrons to be safe. So please please please do not take unnecessary risks.

Treat your body with respect and look out for each other!

Fatigue & Driving

With so much to fit into the festival weekend you may have not got as much sleep as usual, or perhaps you had a lot of work the week before and some late nights. This can lead to fatigue – extreme tiredness brought about by not enough rest over a period of time whether from mental or physical exertion or illness.

Fatigue is a major cause of crashes in Victoria resulting in some 50 deaths and approximately 300 serious injuries each year.  If you think you might be too tired to drive, then don’t! Consider car-pooling or take public transport to the festival.


Unsafe Vehicles

Driving an unsafe vehicle is serious hazard and contributes to numerous accidents on our roads.  We realise that you are keen to pull the old Kombi out of the retirement for the weekend, or perhaps you haven’t had the time or money to keep your everyday car regularly serviced – but is it really woth it?  This is a holiday long weekend – there will be additional police patrolling the roads throughout Victoria and they will be targeting unroad worthy vehicles.  Get you vehicle checked by a mechanic before you leave, of consider taking public transport to the festival – its easier than ever!

In previous years, there has also been road blocks by the Sheriff on the way to the festival chasing up unpaid fines and your car may be impounded if you are unable to pay the fines.