Family Camping now open!

This is our fifth year hosting a Family Camping area at the festival and we're loving the growing number of families that are choosing to bring their children along to the festival and create a camp together. We realise the challenges that coming to Rainbow with a family can create and we want to help make the experience easier, safer and even more enjoyable.

The family camping area:

  • Is a designated fenced-off area located in the North Campground (directly opposite the Kids Space in The Village)
  • Has a shaded communal area with tables, chairs, lighting, carpet and 240v power...and there will be more couches this year!
  • Has dedicated toilets and showers, regularly serviced
  • Has a Family Camping Crew member in attendance 24/7 (please note they are NOT a babysitter, they are just there to generally help out and keep an eye on things)
  • If you are interested in camping within the family area you will need to register with us before the festival.

Please book as soon as possible because registrations may close at some stage to ensure we can fit everyone in and the area is adequately resourced.

Click here to begin your registration now.