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Onsite Rules and Guidelines

As part of our arrangements to use this beautiful site there are some conditions we need you to be aware of and hope you will respect. We are very lucky to have the support of the property owners, local community and emergency services to allow this event to take place. The rules are few but, for the future of Rainbow Serpent, they must be followed.

Essential Rules

No Glass or Excessive Alcohol

Glass poses a severe risk not just for patrons during the event but also for the farmer and animals who call the site home all year.

No Parking on Internal Roads

Keep 6 metres clearance on all roads at all times. Emergency vehicles need access to all parts of the campgrounds. Offending vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense.

No Fires, BBQs or Fireworks

There is a severe and very real fire risk with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Drive at Walking Pace

This is a festival site and not a highway. Respect others already on site and only drive at walking pace to reduce danger and dust.

No Quad or Mini Bikes

These dangerous and selfish toys ruin the campground atmosphere for everyone.

No Anti-Social Behaviour

Everyone is here for enjoyment and to escape nonsense.

No Generators or Sound Systems

Campgrounds are for rest and relaxation but not for listening to sounds from generators or having another’s musical tastes forced upon you.

No Pets

Especially dogs. No excuses unless you are blind or otherwise reliant on one.

You Must Wear Your Wristband at all Times

It is the only way we know you have gained legitimate entry. If you are caught on the grounds without a wristband you will either be charged with trespass or required to pay an admission penalty.

No Impaired Driving

Fatigue, drugs and alcohol are significant causes of accidents on our roads. So don’t drive to Rainbow, from Rainbow or ANYWHERE impaired. You’re putting peoples lives at risk as well as jeopardising the future of the festival.

Campground & Carparks

  • Follow festival staff instructions at all times.
  • Do not park on roads.
  • Camping is only permitted in designated areas. If you are unsure then don’t camp there.
  • Keep space between campsites (2 metres min).
  • Once you have set up introduce yourself to the neighbours. We predict you’ll get along famously.

Towaway Zone

Vehicles parked on the roads within the festival grounds (remember roads must be kept a minimum of 6 metres width) or on in Tow-Away Zone on the public roads surrounding the festival will be towed. If you think your vehicle has been towed, enquire at the Info Tent. Warning – a substantial fee may be charged to recover your vehicle.

Fire Danger & Evacuation

Victoria is one of the most fire prone areas in the world and another scorching summer has created a very high fire risk. It is vital you follow all fire safety rules responsibly for everyone’s safety.

Absolutely no candles, campfires, BBQs or gas stoves are permitted at the event. We know most of you are responsible but this is a CFA requirement. Disregard and your entire campsite may be evicted from the festival.

BE VERY CAREFUL with your cigarette butts and ensure you dispose them properly.

If a Fire Danger Rating of Extreme or Code Red is forecast leading up to or during the event the festival may be cancelled or postponed and the site evacuated. Such occurrences are very rare but reflect the extreme nature of the fire risk.

In the event of an emergency, the primary assembly area is at the Main Stage. If this is not suitable, the secondary evacuation points are to the south of the South Campground and to the east of the East Campground, as shown in the map. These are considered places of last resort and may be the safest places to be in the event of a bushfire, rather than attempting to leave to event area in a vehicle.

You must follow the direction of festival staff and security guards in the event of an emergency. Any directions being given will reflect instructions from the CFA, Police and emergency services who work together with our Emergency Management Team. Please do not panic and never drive a vehicle if you are impaired or have been advised not to.

Safety Advice

  • Take note of EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY AREAS – Main Stage and beyond East Camping and South Camping areas on the festival map. In case of emergency, follow instructions of wardens.
  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – free water is available near each toilet/shower block.
  • LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER – if you think someone needs help then offer it.
  • DON’T WANDER ALONE – always let your friends know where you are. Never leave the festival without letting someone know.
  • Looking for a RIDE HOME – visit the message board at the Info Tent.
  • BE AWARE OF HEAT & SUN – sunburn and sunstroke can really ruin your weekend.
  • DO NOT DRIVE INTOXICATED OR SLEEP DEPRIVED – please note driver alcohol and drug testing is operational in Victoria and should be expected nearby after the festival.
  • RESPECT ART & DÉCOR – artists put a lot of heart, soul and time into their pieces so please don’t damage or steal them.
  • SHARE! – Share water, share food, share beer, share laughter and share space.
  • DON’T WASTE YOUR WEEKEND – this event runs four days so remember to save energy for Monday – we certainly have!

We are Here to Help

  • FIRST AID, DANCEWIZE, the HELPER HUTS and the roving RANGERS are here for your physical and mental safety.
  • Please REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY to security, Info Tent or the campground HELPER HUTS.
  • The Nest is a sanctuary of community services and information. Read the Rainbow Serpent 10 Pillars of Festival Safety or your Souvenir Program for more information.

Forest Access

Due to the extreme fire danger and other hazards, we do not encourage you to access the neighbouring forest but if you choose to do so, strict conditions apply:

  • Access is prohibited on Total Fire Ban days as well as Extreme and Code Red fire danger rating days
  • Only use the gateway entrances
  • No smoking or naked flames at any time
  • No camping
  • Always go with a friend and do not wander beyond sight of festival grounds
  • Respect the natural environment and leave it as found.

Hill Access

The granite hill provides a great view of the festival site but please do not climb past the boulders. They are dangerous and home to many snakes.

Time To Go Home

Everyone must VACATE THE FESTIVAL SITE BY MIDDAY TUESDAY. These are the landowner’s wishes and part of the council permit conditions. Do not drive if you are intoxicated or fatigued. There are drug and alcohol testing facilities at the front gate where you may stay until 3PM on the Tuesday. If you are in doubt about your ability to drive you can leave your car in a reserved area on site and return later in the week to pick up your vehicle. Visit the Info Tent for more information.