Francesco Vicenzi

I am a well established member of the Dooferazzi team.

Every year I try to capture the vibe of the festival with a documentary approach: sweat, dust and smiles.

But it's when the daylight fades that the magic reveals: shiny lights, lasers and glitter. It's then that I go on long walkabouts with my tripod, in the pursuit of the perfect nightscape shot.

- - - - - - - - -

Favourite Rainbow Memory:  My first ever Rainbow Serpent Festival, I walked into the festival area and an actual rainbow appeared in the sky. "Well organised!" I murmured... "I wonder how they do that...?"

What year did you start working with Rainbow: 2012

Francesco's 2018 festival album is available to view in its entirety on our Facebook page, a snippet is shown below.

(click on a photo below to view at a larger size)


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