Important Weather Update – RSF2019

Hi Rainbow family, please share this important post to everyone you know who will be at #RSF2019!

Time to have a chat about the weather forecast for the long weekend because it’s going to be HOT HOT HOT!!! …with some nights dropping to 13 degrees (so don’t forget those layers, a jumper and blanket!). Thursday and Friday especially are looking to be the biggest scorchers, however strong wind conditions are forecast for a cool change coming through on Friday evening. You will NEED to bring enough pegs to ensure your tent/ camp is stable.

NOTE: Understand that being prepared for these weather conditions requires intelligent behaviour. Many illicit substances alter judgement and increase body temperature significantly, the risk is just not worth it!

If you have a car that is prone to overheating, for everyone’s safety please DO NOT arrive before 6pm on Thursday or Friday. Our entry line can move slowly during peak times and your car could be a fire risk! If everyone gets a vehicle pass ONLINE prior to arriving, this will helps us all experience less waiting times.

The current weather forecast is:

Thursday – 41°
Friday – 42°
Saturday – 35°
Sunday – 26°
Monday – 29°

You will be able to get the latest weather updates every day at our Info Tent or on the TV screens at the market.

To get through the weekend successfully, please take note of the following critical advice to ensure a trouble-free weekend for yourself and the people around you – read this and SHARE FAR AND WIDE <3

1. Please bring 20 litres of drinking water per person to help support our supply and lots of ELECTROLYTES and sunscreen.
2. Drink up to 500ml of water when active and ‘stimulated’ (ie. using a stimulant, or during physical activity) and in 30 degree+ weather.
3. You MUST bring shade for your campsites, this includes poles, ropes, pegs and hammer (don’t forget your pegs for strong winds predicted on Friday evening)
4. Bring water misters and anything to help cool you down.
5. DO NOT sleep in tents during the middle of the day, it’s like being in a car on a hot day. Check on your friends tents regularly.
6. Pack Sunscreen, wide brim hat, loose cool comfortable clothing – and layers, a jumper and blanket to prepare for cool nights.
7. Bring a sun umbrella or parasol to protect you on the walk from the campsite.
8. Pack a sarong or other material you can soak and place over you.

Forest access over the weekend could be closed due to the increased fire danger so please follow directions of crew and security at all times.

Police will be conducting operations in the area for the duration of the event.

IF YOU ARE INTENDING TO CONSUME ILLICIT SUBSTANCES: please read this VERY important note from Dancesafe on MDMA and our 10 pillars of festival safety by DanceWize:

And if you haven’t already, read and download your copy of the Rainbow 2019 Survival Guide here (we know *most* of you have…)

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