Land Art Gardens

And as the seasons past, the garden will grow.

Gandhi once said that forgetting how to dig the earth and take care of the ground is the same as forgetting about ourselves. The Land Art Garden is in its third year of growth. You’ll find trees growing in between perennial herbs, edible and ornamental plants. This year you will also encounter new additions to the area which include sculptured insect hotels that will keep the bees and the rest of our six legged friends happy.

If you are passing by and in need of a well-deserved rest from dancing, come and relax near the cooling pond or generous shade trees. The patterns, designs and upcycled art pieces are always inviting, and place to which you can always return to rediscover, as nature is in a constant state of flux.

Lucy Legan

Writer, permaculture educator and gardener Lucy Legan has spent many years greening the planet creating forests in Brazil, edible food gardens for festivals in Portugal, USA and Australia, and retrofitting schools for sustainability.