Land Art Gardens

Hubert de Givenchy once said that there is tenderness about a garden, and you simply can't help but be sensitive to that. The Land Art Gardens have been fused with the Permaculture Garden. Here you will find that the space has been designed with sensitivity to the surrounding environment. Trees, herbs and shrubs were planted to encourage insect and bird life along with keeping us cool and grounded when needed.

Festivals can be harsh on the body. The natural elements of sun, wind and dancing all night can take its toll. The Land Art Gardens create a space in the festival where you can relax near a cooling pond or in one of the nooks that nature has created. The patterns and designs created in the garden invite the passer-by to discover the magic of nature whether it be hanging out with friends or with nature herself.

And the best of it…
…There’s more to come!

Lucy Legan

Writer, permaculture educator and gardener Lucy Legan has spent many years greening the planet creating forests in Brazil, edible food gardens for festivals in Portugal, USA and Australia, and retrofitting schools for sustainability.