JDub has regularly appeared at many of Melbourne's most recognised festivals and events over the last decade. His diverse ear for evolving electronica and smooth down tempo beats has seen him Djing amongst some of the best live artists and dj's the world has to offer. His remarkable shows have thrust him into becoming one of the most sort after downtempo dj's in Australia.
A JDub set is a vast journey through fresh and tranquil audio atmospheres, filled with just the right amount of dub, glitch, IDM, breaks and ambient soundscapes to make it a wondrous adventure through infinite kinesthetic experiences for all forms of avid electronic music fans..
His seamless sets have been blissfully dubbing out dancefloors just at the right moment with appearances at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Eclipse Festival 2012, Dragon Dreaming, Stacks On, Maya Festival/Sunday Sessions and most other forward thinking club nights.