Eitan Reiter



Eitan Reiter is an extremely diverse and prolific musician and producer, and a bit of a prodigy - achieving success in every field he has ventured into.

He’s been collaborating with Sebastian Mullaert (of Minilogue fame) and they are now working now on their 2nd album. Their debut album “Reflections Of Nothingness” was released on Japanese boutique label Mule Musiq.

His music has been endorsed by some of the most respected people in the scene, with releases on Minus (Richie Hawtin's label), City Slang, Traum, Enemy Records (Dustin Zahn’s label) to name a few.

His Downtempo and Electronica music has been highly successful as well, with studio albums “Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To” on Aleph Zero Records & “Give It Life” on Armadillo Records.

He's also been commissioned for a lot of remixes, among them World Music leaders The Doors, Balkan Beat Box, Suicide Silence, Timo Maas, Noga, Erez, Guy J & more.

From 2006 to 2017 he was touring constantly worldwide with his psychedelic dance music project, the duo LOUD. They produced 5 studio albums along with many collaborations with acts such as Shpongle , Ott, Eat Static, Union Jack, Art of Trance, Astrix, X-Dream & more.