Blacklite Records / Catalyst


Tania R. a.k.a Pollyfonika started attending major international psytrance festivals and parties in Mexico in 2004. She developed her taste for that music and after perfecting her mixing technique and style, at the age of 16, she started DJing at parties all around the country with impressive results on the dance floor.

Now after 12 years from her debut in Mexico, she has played to some of the best dance floors in France, Switzerland, Italy, UAE, England, Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru and of course almost every city in her homeland, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names on the trance scene at well known festivals such as: VooV, Eclipse Canada, One Love, Ometeotl, Ritual, Dimension, Revolution, Solstice, among others.

In the beginning of 2018 she moved to live in Paris and joined the Italian label BlackLite Records, where she is currently working on her first VA compilation that will include names like: Illumination, Virtual Light, Ingrained Instincts, Nukleall, Paratech, Double Helix, Endeavour, Kusabi and many more!

Although, DJing is her main current activity, in the last few years she’s been producing some tracks by herself and also in collaboration with friends like: Module Virus, Tron and Aciduss, releasing some of these tunes at Sama & Sangoma Records, PsynOpticz, Mutagen & Phantasm. Also, some of her solo tracks have been successfully remixed by Asimilon, Barak, L.E.O.F. and Module Virus.

Sooner or later a live set will be ready from her side, stay tuned!