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United Kingdom

The name Tristan is synonymous with Psychedelic Trance. He has been dj'ing and producing for more than 20 years, performing his unique psychedelic sound at hundreds of the best Psytrance festivals and clubs around the globe; has released four solo and three collaboration albums (‘Fearsome Engine' with Laughing Buddha, and 'Killerwatts' with Avalon), plus countless singles, remixes, and collaborations with many of the most respected artists in the scene.

Tristan has been a corner-stone of the Psychedelic Trance community since it's inception in the early nineties, spending every season in Goa soaking up the vibe from the source, as well as hosting some of its most happening events. Continually inspired by the psychedelic underground movement, Tristan can be found as often on the dancefloor as behind the decks, proving his boundless enthusiasm and energy for this music and culture is straight from the heart.

His headlining live shows and chart topping music releases are testament to the energy, power and love he has for the psychedelic music and culture, and he continues to play a pivotal role in the scene’s evolution worldwide as it grows from strength to strength.