Orpheyo Dragon

Dean Benson, Wildwood, Euca Music


Orpheyo Dragon embodies the musical guise of Dean Benson, one of the founders of Melbourne based community, Wildwood. A respected regular performer at gatherings such as Rainbow Serpent Festival & Earth Frequency Festival, Dean’s entire adult life has been spent refining his sound and space holding abilities, translating to his dance floors, moving with pure passion for music and life.

From driving hypnotic techno to organic world sounds, his skills in traversing the audience has taken him across the globe, to high prolife stage festivals such as The Swamp at Modem Festival Croatia. Dean's personal life is more in the limelight now as his endeavours in inspiring change is his main focus, from 1 on 1 therapy to group ceremony & workshops, he supports the evolution of those that connect with him upon their path to freedom, alignment and mastery.
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