Robodop Snei

Tempest Recordings


Robodop Snei is the downbeat project of Danny Eschbach, sounding much like psychedelic 80’s and electronic 60’s with a good amount of quirkiness and oddness - all the while maintaining hypnotic grooves & uplifting melodies.
Originally from Germany and now based in Australia, Robodop Snei has been releasing music and playing at many outdoor festivals and parties around Melbourne for over a decade.
The 2012 Album ‘Strange Ongoings’ (Tempest Recordings) has been very well received and was followed up by a remix version named ’Strange Ongoings in other Dimensions’ featuring remixes from fellow Rainbow Serpent Festival artists D-Rektional, Deep Fried Dub, Numatica among many others. Earlier releases include compilations such as the 2007 ‘Polynated’ (Hunab Ku Creations) and ‘Couch’ (Tempest Recordings).
Those early connections partly led to the birth of ’The Hofmann Experience’ which is the annual live electronic space jam on the chill out stage at the Rainbow Serpent Festival, which Danny is also part of - connecting with fellow Melbourne sound wizards D-Rektional, Aslan, Steve Law, Hugo and many others over the years.
Danny is also writing Techno/Progressive House & Trance as Phase 7 with releases on Slice Records & Kaleidoscopic Earth. Robodop Snei is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary with a new full length album release slated for early 2019.