LO-FI-45/Recovery Collective


Lask has always had a passion for music. After playing instruments and composing for 5 years, she started producing at the age of 18. After spending years in the studio with very little social interactions, she started to feel detached and thought there was a bridge needed between her production life and her social life.
She started Djing at events in 2016 and quickly climbed up the Melbourne DJ circuit.

In march 2017 she released her first Ep with Smash Bang records titled ‘Aurora’. In July 2017 she featured on Suckmusics 'In the clubs, Volume 9' with her eclectic, soft yet driving single 'Charlie'. In feb 2018 she featured on Recovery Collectives VA ALLIANCE with her electro-house inspired track 'D-EQ', In march 2018 she released her second Ep on LO-FI-45 titled ‘Instincts/Warriors’ which showcases her maturing sound, complimenting her growth as an artist and an individual.