Tetrameth Vs Shadow Fx

Weapon Records


The bastard spawn of ex-rock bands, and the after-effect of the digital age.
Tetrameth’s unique style is experimental, progressive steeped in paisley psychedelica, intended to augment the brain & defrag the soul. Truly unrestricted by limitation or the conventions of genre. Quite simply, Tetrameth is a beast of it’s own.

Shadow Fx is Melbourne based producer James Hayes. Once again he returns to Brazil to deliver his unique brand of progressive music. Described as a blend of deep, funky, morning grooves that are distinctively shaped from the Zenon sound. Intricate percussion lines interplay with emotive synth lines, then pieced together in the most intelligent of progressive structures.

Shadow Fx and Tetrameth have a symbiotic creative connection that it seems only siblings can harness. Their live set combines a blend of both artists individual tracks along with many collaborative works.