MilkMan (Andy Simpson)

For as long as he can remember, Andy has experienced sound as colours and has enjoyed the whole spectrum on offer. From Pink Floyd to Mozart and from Muse to Shpongle, andy finds music an emotional catalyst and the ultimate connector between people.

In 2002, quite by accident, he found himself DJing on a pair of CDJ500s at a house party and a month later he had his own CDJs, a mixer and a local residency in St. Kilda.

He still isn’t sure what kind of music he prefers to play and so concentrates and delivers what the dance floor wants to hear often resulting in an intriguing cross-genre set of classics with progressive layers, tribal rhythms and eclectic melodies.

He often selects tunes more on an emotional level and loads his sets with world influences from around the globe and favourite tunes from the last several decades.