Pat Tassone

Wildwood/Wildwood Podcast Series


Pat Tassone is a progressive techno artist from Melbourne, Australia. Over his ten-year career he has supported many of the world’s leading acts and played most of Melbourne prestigious clubs and parties. 2018 has been another big year for him, supporting acts like Agents of time (warm up), Jeremy Olander (close) and Keith Carnel.

His energetic sets are a blend of driving baselines and epic melodies, taking inspiration from all genres but mostly deep house, progressive house and techno. Patience and timing are key as every set is its own carefully crafted journey with each track playing its role in creating an atmosphere and flow.

This attitude towards music has led to Pat becoming one of the most unique and respected progressive DJs in Melbourne. It has also lead to the success of the Wildwood Podcast Series, of which he is head curator. Now one of the premier and most respected podcast series in Australia.