Magic Feeling



Hugo began twiddling (plastic) knobs and performing live electronic music in the late 90’s. He moved to Melbourne, Australia in the year 2000 to become a part of Melbourne's amazing outdoor festival scene. Before long his skills as a DJ and Sound Engineer had him integrated with the Melbourne scene where he has continued to play the big festivals, including Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya, Earthcore and other intimate gatherings. Now influenced by life in the beautiful hinterlands of Byron bay Magic Feeling continues to evolve…
Over the years, many of his productions have gained momentum and others have grown more spacious and relaxed. Magic Feeling is definitely on the spacious and relaxed side. From a production point of view, Hugo really enjoys playing with slower tempos as the space between the sounds opens up new realms of sound experience and gives the listener time to enjoy the fullness of the sound envelope. You may find your hips and ass begin to precipitate multidirectional movement in a non demanding fashion while your ears pleasurably attune to rich and refined sound infusions.
With a keen interest in the healing nature of life, tuned frequency has long been an integral part of Hugo’s quest. He uses Cosmic tunings such as cycles of planets, the Earth’s revolution and orbit and Universal syncopations in conjunction with Chakra balancing intonations and feeling based rhythms. Magic Feeling should be heard and felt rather than described so load up your iPhone with his next concert date and come feel the magic...