Oblique Industries LIVE

(M_nus, Open, Subsonic, Compute, Lucidflow, Sleazy G, Interchill, Smash Bang, Bigger Deer, We Are Your Music Mate, Planetaria)

Australia, Germany

With music signed to such diverse labels as techno mainstays M_nus Records and Lucidflow, UK-based Ghetto-House label Sleazy G and leftfield Berlin label Compute Music (amongst others), it's clear to see that Oblique Industries is not one to be restricted by the boundaries of genre. Drawing influence from techno, house, minimal, electro, progressive and experimental sounds, Oblique Industries has crafted a sound
as much to tantalize the mind as the body, exploring the contrasts between light and dark, loud and soft, minimal and maximal... whilst delving deep into the spaces in between.