DJ Hijack

100% Phat


Hey guys

I was lucky enough to play last year in the Playground tent and spent most of the time with Frank and the crew who asked me to come back this year - Frank did mention he might be able to get me a better set time :).

Bit of Bio: Born in London and started Djing drum and bass in 1993, playing all over the UK. Lived in Southampton playing UK garage with Artful Dodger and Craig David which took me all over Europe. I spent 5 years in LA and now Melbourne based, but playing all types of urban music. Part of the Aus Grime seen, with Fraksha and 50/50 grime crew (on Triple J also) and was Wiley's tour DJ when he was over here in January. Doing guest supports at all the major clubs in Melbourne - residencies include Alumbra, Ms Collins, Bond, Emerson, Lucky Coq, Section 8, 56 Bricks, Hopscotch, Blue Bar. Doing interstate bookings in Adelaide at HQ 3 monthly. Asian tour planned also.

Last years Rainbow I played a fusion of urban music, cutting and scratching drum and bass, dancehall, reggae and bass related music which went down really well so looking to do something similar but obviously more up to date this year.

Absolutely loved the time I spent at Rainbow last year and sincerely hoping to get back on this years acts. Link to my set last year is attached below.