Mortisville & Friends

Future Vintage


Described as ‘effervescently unique’ by Vintage Remix aficionado Chris Tofu, there is no other act in the world quite like Mortisville & Friends. This year's show is going to be really special, as they will be joined on stage by the musicians from the mighty Grouch In Dub. Having made the 2:30 AM Saturday night slot on the Playground stage their own, every year has seen them bring more innovations, more good times and more on stage mayham.

Encompassing horns, synth, violin, vox and sax, the band have garnered a completely unique style, fusing the driving power of techno and tech house with a canivalesque backdrop of live instrumentation. MAF deliver shades of vintage remix, electro- swing, and jazz, in a joyfully flamboyant soiree of onstage mayhem and have wowed crowds at festivals such as Boomtown, Glastonbury, Womad and Symbiosis.

Bursting onto the scene in 2012 at Rainbow Serpent, MAF have grown ebulliently, making the 2am Saturday night slot on the Playground Stage their own. Described by Eamon Armstrong of as having the ‘raucous energy of a house party at the end of the universe’ they have flamboyantly mutated, harnessing a myriad of individual styles and throwing them into a celestial mixing pot of progressive good vibes. You will forget your woes; your strife and dance vivaciously till you ascend to another plane.