Sista Sara


Sista Sara is one of Australia’s heaviest selectors of Jamaican and Jamaican-influenced music. Over the past 15 years she has made a name for herself Dj’ing all styles of reggae from foundation, new roots and dancehall and over time has expanded her palette to include her own takes on hip hop, funk, nufunk and more.
Her passion for Caribbean beats has led to a large and varied music collection and she seamlessly mixes all forms of these genres into her sets. She’s equally at home playing an intimate bar set, as she is to rocking to large crowds on festival main stages.
Sista Sara is a highly respected member of the discerning Australian scene and is regularly in demand to grace the lineup at many of Melbourne’s high-profile gigs. As well as being in demand in her home town, her skills as a DJ have led to her to play numerous sets around Australia, and over the past few years, internationally, with sets in many European countries, including Germany and Switzerland.
Sista Sara has an innate ability to know what will make ANY crowd dance. Because of this, she's known as the “dancers’ DJ”. Get ready to shake that booty!