Arcane Trickster

Tempest Recordings/ Cosmicleaf Records


Arcane Trickster is the team of John Crombie & Damiano Verna, they have released on labels such as Tempest Recordings, Cosmicleaf Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Liberation, Equinox Productions, Earthcore, Green Ant, and more.
Prolific in the studio, they have remixed Not Drowning Waving, Side Liner, Zero Cult, Stickleback, Terra Nine, Red Eye Express, Garagee, Numatica, The Omm Squad, Guilty Hero, LazyboyProactive, and many more and have released collaborations with Hesius Dome, Random Designers, Sunhize, Stickleback, DJ Krusty, Fate Aeffect & Terra Nine.