Smash Bang


If the close of Market Stage on Mad Monday has left you with dances still in your feet, longing for more beats, you might’ve seen a magical maestro on a moving cart leading a long tail of boogying followers to the Closing Ceremony at Chill Stage and joined the shenanigans. This is the Pied Piper Cart and that maestro is Augmented.

Augmented’s sound infuses bold, rolling basslines with a filthy bottom end structure, ear tickling hats and organic percussion laced with lush pads, atmospheric melodies and quirky samples recorded from facets of his own life. He creates a unique experience that will simultaneously stimulate aurally, mentally and physically, enabling natural grooves for the dance floor and taking the audience to his ‘Augmented Reality’.

He has played at Australia’s biggest underground music festivals, has releases out via Smash Bang Records and remixes out on Vicious Black and Anarkick Records.