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Takkra is the electronic music project of Hungarian born visual artist, guitarist and producer David Vigh. Former member (2002-2008) of electro rock outfit The Carbonfools, Founder and songwriter of internationally recognized prog-rock band Turbo (2005-), producer of various side projects like Gobi.

Takkra’s unique style is characterised by David’s cinematic, textural guitar sound, natural atmospheres, etherial synths, psychedelic effects and soft grooves. These soundscapes were specifically designed to treat listeners with soothing, regenerating frequencies and healing energies.

The first LP is called “Technicolor Talk”, was released on 26/06/2016, by Mindspring, exclusively premiered as a continuous mix on RadiOzora.
The title is reference to the strong psychedelic influences and the cinematic vibes that are carried out through the album.

Although Takkra is considered as David’s personal project, there have been several talented individuals collaborating on Technicolor Talk, such as Dure (also a funding Turbo member) on multiple instruments, Aurafood on synths, Laura Anna and Manoya on vocals, Mate Kocsis on drums and Matyi Mohacsi on Bass.