Thad Lester

Rainbow Serpent Festival


First captivated by electronic music in the late ’80s, it’s Thad’s passion for electronic music that has kept him involved in the industry so long, a passion that started with an instant addiction to buying vinyl some 30 years ago.

It wasn’t long before Thad was running techno events, namely the weekly “Quasar” and “Deep” club nights and “Beyond/Frank De Wulf” series of parties across Melbourne in the early ’90s.

Fast forward to the year 2000. After a decade of promoting events and playing house parties Thad finally took an opportunity to play some club gigs – a few “fill in” spots at Q Bar Melbourne on Sunday nights. 18 years later he continues to play his driving progressive and techno sounds at clubs and festivals worldwide including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Gypsy Caravan Stage at Boom Festival 2018, The Glade Lounge at Glastonbury Festival 2017, Carl Cox’s Playground Stage at Burning Man, Celtic Chaos Castle at Burning Man, Half Moon Festival Koh Phangan, Guys Bar and Eden Garden Koh Phangan, Tribeadelic, Babylon Festival, Maitreya, Revolver, Doesn’t Matter, Morning After, and many more…