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A Message From The Karrung Larr!

Jan 10 2017 Rainbow Serpent Festival holds many experiences for each festival go-er. From the realms of self expression free from judgement of systematic norms, to the exploration of inner self and collective consciousness… Awakening personal healing and dynamic shifts in awareness and cultural cohesiveness. At Rainbow Serpent Festival there is a vibe of ‘One-ness’…. READ MORE

Aunty Mona – Rainbow Farewells Our Favourite Matriach

Sep 13 2016 Sorry Business in our Rainbow Community It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to one of Rainbow Serpent Festival’s favourite Matriarchs, who passed away peacefully in her sleep at the start of August. You may have been blessed to have met the gentle, big hearted and well humoured Aunty Mona. … READ MORE