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Decor / Installation Applications


Welcome to the Arts applications for Rainbow Serpent Festival 2020

Is your creative soul brewing with ideas that you would love to bring to life? From emerging to established artists, we have opportunities for you to express yourself at our 2020 event. No idea is too big or too small; we want to hear them all.

RSF fosters an environment of inclusion, personal and community growth through participation. This is a place for you to express yourself in all forms. We encourage socially and environmentally conscious action and we love seeing how these ethics manifest through art. Although this is not a criterion, extra bonus points are given to artists that tread lightly on our planet while making an impact with their art. Whether that manifests as a carbon footprint and/or a thought provoking message to the viewer, we leave that part up to you, but we encourage you to consider this when choosing your materials and designs. 

You have until the end of October to complete your application. Take your time to articulate your vision. Have a look through the application and be sure to fill it out with as much detail and supporting documentation as you can. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to answer a question, please check the FAQ’s before emailing. You will be notified about the outcome of your application by mid November at the latest. 

We have a wonderful team ready to support you to bring your visions to life. Have fun with the application process and we look forward to considering your proposal. 



Please note our application system is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer or Edge browsers it works best if you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

There is no rush, please take your time to read the Application FAQs before you apply and good luck with your submission.


Applications are closed.