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RSF Food Bazaar Application

Welcome to the application info page for the RSF “REGEN” 2020 Food Bazaar.

As you know it has been a trying year for us.  After 23 years without skipping a beat, Mother Nature made her statement and shook up, not only us, but many festivals around Australia, not to mention fire volunteers, farmers and property owners with an unprecedented bushfire season.  We had some set-backs but we’re soldiering on, and with the support of so many people including the local community, punters and of course your good selves, our future is looking bright again.

The Easter REGEN event will have a limited capacity (4-7000 people expected) and a more concentrated array of entertainment, services and of course Markets and Caterers!

We will be reducing the number of vendors by about 60% and also reducing the fees by 40% to make up for this scaling down.  We will still be striving for the world class standard of festival art and entertainment that we have grown accustomed to, and we are really looking forward to witnessing the more intimate atmosphere that we enjoyed over 10 years ago and before.

For those that don’t know, the site is located in Lexton, Victoria, amongst the beautiful Pyrenees landscape, approximately 2 hours drive from Melbourne.

The dates for the 2020 Regen event are 10-13 April. The gates officially open at Midday on the Friday (10th) and close at Midday on the Monday (13th).  You are expected to arrive on the Wednesday 8th and depart on Monday 13th and to trade for at least 80% of the time between Friday evening til Sunday night.

For existing vendors/applicants, please pay particular attention to the below topics as they have changed:

  • Enviro Policy – Reusable Crockery System
  • Staff Ticketing and Youth Tickets

Food vendor rates are easy-to manage and no-surprises FLAT FEES. The actual rate (as well as included tickets) will depend on various factors including your menu, scale of operation, etc.  Once your application has been approved you will be provided with the quote which you are then required to approve in writing in order for an invoice to be generated.  See further below for info on deposits, cancellations and refunds.

Sadly, one of the few pieces of infrastructure that was lost in the fire was our waste management and recycling plant.  As devastating as this is we are striving to continue with our ground-breaking Enironment policy at RSF ‘Regen’ and beyond.

This is a constantly evolving process and our vendors and patrons have been consistently supportive of our policies and vision for a cleaner, more environmentally responsible event site.

Reusable Crockery – Event-Wide

After the successful trials of the reusable/washable crockery system over the last 3 years, we are happy to announce that this will be an event-wide operation.  We have experienced support and compliance from our participating vendors and patrons alike.  We have, and will continue to, see a drastic reduction in waste (particularly compost) which is what it’s all about.

All Caterers will be required to take part in the system whereby our own reusable/washable serving-ware will be provided, washed, collected and restocked by our teams.  We have a combination of bought and hired stock in (almost exclusively) biodegradable natural fibre materials.

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers will stock, wash and restock the dishes to you according to your needs and take accurate records of the ins and outs. We clean them in temperature-controlled commercial dishwashers.  The cost of this service (to you) is based on the pricing of relative compostable serving-wares with a 10% service charge added.  Please note: This is by no means a money-making venture for us, we aim for it to be cost-neutral at best.

The System works like this:

  1. The guests will be required to purchase tokens that will be used to redeem their dishes from you when they buy their food (cash for food plus token for dish).
  2. You will then keep the tokens safe until we collect them and count them.
  3. When the customers return their dish to the deposit station, they will get their token back.
  4. At the end of the event the patrons can hand their tokens back in (along with their deposit receipt) for their full cash refund

Other things to note:

  • You will be able to serve some food items on alternative vessels, eg. Banana leaves or paper (in some cases) and be able to avoid the Reusables.  We would like you to be forthcoming and negotiable with our environment team about your intentions with this as we are aiming to minimise waste, not substitute it.
  • We still have our ban on all Single Use plastics including straws, cutlery, and condiment sachets
  • Cutlery can be wood or bamboo disposables - no plastic or PLA
  • It is very important that you do not take receipt of the used dishes and wash them yourself.  The system will work if it is done correctly, any straying will just complicate things.

The Dishes we currently stock are:

  • 12” Plates
  • 10” Plates
  • 40oz Bowls
  • 17oz Bowls
  • 8” Trays
  • 22oz Cups
  • 16oz Cups
  • 12oz Cups
  • 8oz Cups

Single Use Plastics Ban

While for over a decade now, we have banned the use of single-use plastic serving-ware by our caterers (including straws), there have still been some single-use plastics that really aren’t necessary.  So this ban now includes but is not limited to:

  • All plastic drink bottles for single use (water/soft/energy drinks can be served in cans or reusables only)
  • All plastic bags for single use,
  • Sauce & condiment sachets
  • Any other single-use plastics that you might use or serve

So please be mindful of any plastic that you currently use in your processes and in particular your serving, and seek alternative vessels and methods.

You may purchase the right to sell canned drinks. The cost is $200.  Please be reminded all single-use plastics are not allowed.

*This fee is additional and separate from the food vendor fee, and is payable up-front – please check the relevant box in the application form if you would like to sell canned drinks.
* It is not compulsory to sell canned drinks, however you must notify us of your intentions before the event.
* You may source and purchase your own stock, there are no restrictions or requirement to purchase from us.

RSF prides itself on providing healthy and authentic cuisines from all over the world - it is quite the international food bazaar.  Your menu should be creative, healthy and delicious and ideally with gluten-free, vegetarian and/or vegan options.  ‘Carny’ food items such as Potato cakes, Hotdogs and Dim Sims are a big ‘no no’.

Your applications should list each and every menu item you propose to trade. Some menu items may be approved or disapproved. Trading items that have not been approved is considered a breach of contract.

There are 3 prestigious awards to be won.  The RSF Green Award, Pretty Award & Veteran Award.  These are judged on your individual effort and innovation in both the Environmental and the Artistic departments, as well as a special award for vendors who have served RSF for 20 years!

Each award entitles you to an automatic approval for the following year plus a 10% discount on the fee, plus a printed/laminated as well as graphic file award for you to display and use at our event and in support your applications at other events.

The winners of the 2019 awards are:

2019 Green Award: “Barefoot Blender”

2019 Pretty Award: “Flower Power Soul Food”

2019 Veteran Award: (none this year)

Congrats to you all and thank you for your stellar efforts!

We offer free meals to our VIP Artists and Staff and expect our Caterers to participate in this.  This will only apply to a select few of you and those vendors will be invited at a later date.  For each Token you receive you exchange it for a meal (of pre-determined value).  You then collect these tokens and return to us for a refund of 50% of the retail value.

NOTE: We will require an invoice from you for the tokens (including GST) following the event and we will reimburse you by paying the invoice.

You are expected to offer any type of meal (with similar average value) and submit this mini-menu to us with their retail values, ideally with your application.

You will then receive signs onsite with the sample token and meal deals to display inside your shop, so your staff can make sure the token is valid and to show what is redeemable.

Your cooperation with this system is much appreciated.

Each Catering area has their own toilet and shower block, as well as ample power boards, tap sets and sullage disposal units.

As well as providing the clientele; power, water, toilets, sullage, compost, recycling and general waste disposal are all provided by the event and inclusive in the rates quoted. You will need to provide all your infrastructure and equipment including tap splitter, hoses, hot water systems, marquees, lighting, power cables, tables, etc.

Every year we reach capacity for caterers quite early and many applicants do not make it in due to late submissions or payments, or unsuitable menus or aesthetics.  It is strongly advised to submit your comprehensive application as early as possible and, if a quote is sent to you, approve this and pay your invoice just as promptly.  Your application is not confirmed until your payment has been received so it is advised to act fast in order to make it in and reserve your place.

Other Dates and Deadlines

It is preferred that you pay the fee in full, however you may pay 50% deposit to secure your place and pay the remaining balance by March 15th at the latest.  Should you fail to pay the balance by the due date your place may be made available to others with only partial refund made to you.

Refunds will be given on cancelled (or name changed) applications conditionally according to the below timescale:

Cancellation Prior to March 15th: 50% Refund.
Cancellation after March 15th: No refund (Unless with verified valid reason AND able to be replaced, then % refund negotiable)

This year, for safety and insurance reasons, we will need to have each ticket allocated to a name.  So when we issue your Etickets you will need to have each of your staff create a Eventbrite profile to register for it, and then will need to show ID at the gate in order to get in.

If you are bringing your children or employ any person between the ages of 13-17 there will be additional steps required to complete both at the time of registration and before you arrive at the event. These additional steps will require permission from at least one of their parents or guardians and identify a responsible person who will be attending the event together with you.

Stall positions at RSF are pre-allocated and you have some say in selecting your position. As soon as your application is approved and you have paid the fee you will be tentatively allocated a site based on your preferences you have made in your application. Before you submit your application you should check the Map which can be viewed HERE.

Note: The map will be edited at a later date.  The layout will be roughly the same, just a scaled-down version

As there are a number of coordination factors that need to be considered, there will be some allocations made by our management, and the site layout will be slightly altered closer to the event date so your site preference is not 100% guaranteed.

View Bazaar Map here

Note: The Purple Sites are Caterers

All site will have access to electricity 24 hours from Thursday evening until 9am Monday.  We do ask that you use this responsibly and efficiently and do not abuse it.

In recent years we have had problems with unauthorised vehicles and people taking up valuable camping space in the Caterer Back-of-House areas.  This will not be tolerated.  Each approved caterer is responsible for restricting this area to your approved (wrist-banded) staff and your limited approved vehicles.  Any unauthorised people/vehicles found in the caterer back of house camping areas will risk being ejected from the event and/or having their vehicle towed off-site, and consequences will be faced by caterer/s found to be associated with these people.

You should arrive between 8am - 10pm on Wednesday 8/4/20 to set up your infrastructure and have stock/equipment deliveries. You may arrive on Thursday but this is when non-food markets will arrive and we would like to avoid congestion. Any arrivals after 10pm on Thursday will be either refused entry or seriously frowned upon - this is necessary permit requirements and a serious public safety issue. The event officially opens to the public on Friday midday so you have the option of opening Friday afternoon but all vendors must be ready to trade by Friday afternoon/evening, around the time entertainment officially commences. Power will be available as of Wednesday evening.

You MUST stay on site until the midday and vacate by 8pm (LATEST) on Monday 13th. The event entertainment operates until Sunday evening and there are still thousands of people on site so it is unsafe for cars to be roaming the grounds and unfair to neighbouring vendors to leave a space in the market and jeopardise their security and privacy while the event is in operation.   This is a permit condition – please respect it (and don't stay up too late on Monday night). Power for markets will be switched off at 10am on Monday.  You may trade for Breakfast but must cease trading by no later than 11am WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Please Note: In previous years there have been far too many vendors disrespect the strict bump-out times.  Vendors who have or will repeatedly stay late, take too long to pack up will not have their applications approved again the following year.  This is a condition of our Council Permit which is sensitive at the best of times so please respect it and plan for your timely departure.

There is to be no amplified music played from your market stall unless a formal proposal has been submitted and approved. Without approval DJs, Parties and Subwoofers are not allowed out of respect for your trading and sleeping neighbours as well as considering the music coordination of the event.  Background music that can only be heard inside your market is acceptable.

Every vendor applicant must apply for health Permits through the Pyrenees Shire Council.  Details and application instructions will be provided after your initial application is approved. To acquire this permit you must:

  • Register with “Streatrader” (here)
  • Hold a current $10,000,000 public liability insurance policy
  • Hold a current food handler's certificate
  • Hold a current registration of a food premises
  • Abide by health and safety practices, including provision and utilisation of a portable hot water system and thermometer for measuring and recording temperatures.

Note: Serving food without following the correct application procedures is against the law. Any vendor that arrives without prior permission will be refused and ejected from the property if necessary.

You must obtain 2 Permits to operate under a Total Fire Ban, a Section 14 and a Section 40.  These must be applied for and obtained by the due date (best to do it straight after your app is confirmed) and you MUST hold hard copies of your permits on site or you may risk being shut down.

Fire Safety Conditions are very strict for obvious regions. The below conditions will be monitored and enforced by Fire Safety authorities on site and are relevant to all vendors using equipment that involve naked flames.

The appliance used for meal preparation is designed exclusively for that purpose and is fired by gas or electricity;

  • The ground and airspace within a distance of 3 metres of the outer perimeters of such appliance is clear of combustible material;
  • There is available at hand for immediate use AND adequate signage directing towards:
    i) A length of hose adequate to reach the appliance connected to a reticulated water supply; or
    ii) A water type fire extinguisher of not less than 9 litres capacity;
    iii) A fire blanket
  • The appliance is attended by the permit holder or an employee or agent of the permit holder;
  • Provision is made to enable immediate notification of an outbreak of fire to the local Fire Brigade, a member of the Police Force or a Forest Officer;
    Information or to obtain a copy of the permit, contact the Region 16 CFA office on:
    Ph: (03) 5352 5516
    Fax: (03) 5352 5517

The LGP Gas Code of Practice has recently been introduced and will be enforced by fire authorities on site. The document may be downloaded here to check your requirements.

In addition to the responsibilities of the individual vendor, the event itself will have much responsibility with coordinating stalls with certain numbers of cylinders as there are restrictions on how many can be on site within a vicinity of each other. You will be required to state the number of LPG cylinders that will be with you on-site (at any one time, used or unused) at the time of application.

Power Usage has been somewhat abused in the last few years which has caused overloads to the generators resulting in unfortunate loss of business in the market village. Not only are you required now to test and tag all your appliances and cables, but we ask for your specific power requirements (in Amps) at the time of application. This will be a contributing factor to your application approval, and power usage will be monitored by our electrical staff on site. The standard allowance is 30-40 Amps.  Any vendors requiring more than this may be up for extra costs to cover our power.  So please be careful and efficient with your power planning and consumption.


These terms and conditions may be subject to change.  If your application is approved, any updates or additions to the policies will be communicated by email.  It is your responsibility to keep up to date with our continued correspondence.


Please note our application system is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer or Edge browsers.

Make sure you are signed in to your account and take your time to read the Application FAQs before you apply.

Good luck with your submission.