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Friends and Network Sellers (FANs) Program

Rainbow was built upon word of mouth reputation, personal networks and the advocacy of our amazing community. We want to re-capture some of that magic while rewarding our most faithful and engaged tribespeople who bring quality people to our gathering, those who share our values and are committed to connecting, respecting and growing.

We invite our Rainbow faithful to join our inaugural Friends and Network Sellers (FANs) incentive program and help us populate Rainbow with amazing people you know and love!

Once engaged as FANs you can progress to higher levels and we’ll reward you with merchandise, prizes and perks, and most importantly access to discounted tickets to encourage your growing network.

All tickets under this scheme are 18+ only.

This is how it works!

  1.  You join the FAN community and agree to our terms and conditions.
  2.  You find people who you feel are a great match for our festival and invite them to purchase FAN program discounted tickets using your personal affiliate code. 
  3.  As you sell more tickets, your benefits and rewards increase.  
  4.  The person who sells the most tickets by our closing date is our Grandmaster for 2020 and is treated to a lavish Rainbow experience for themselves and three of their closest friends.

Terms and conditions

  • Can't advertise publicly - must be to your network / social group.
  • No blanket posting of your affiliate code on advertising, social media or posting to public groups, pages or hashtags.
  • If you’re in breach your code will be deactivated and you will not be eligible for further rewards.
  • Inform people to keep your code private after use.
  • FANs tickets are limited, we will notify you as we approach the end of the program.