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RSF Market Bazaar Application

Welcome to the application info page for the RSF “REGEN” 2020 Market Bazaar.

As you know it has been a trying year for us.  After 23 years without skipping a beat, Mother Nature made her statement and shook up, not only us, but many festivals around Australia, not to mention fire volunteers, farmers and property owners with an unprecedented bushfire season.  We had some set-backs but we’re soldiering on, and with the support of so many people including the local community, punters and of course your good selves, our future is looking bright again.

The Easter REGEN event will have a limited capacity (4-7000 people expected) and a more concentrated array of entertainment, services and of course Markets and Caterers!

We will be reducing the number of vendors by more than half and also reducing the fees by 40% to make up for this scaling down.  We will still be striving for the world class standard of festival art and entertainment that we have grown accustomed to, and we are really looking forward to witnessing the more intimate atmosphere that we enjoyed over 10 years ago and before.

For those that don’t know, the site is located in Lexton, Victoria, amongst the beautiful Pyrenees landscape, approximately 2 hours drive from Melbourne.

The dates for the 2020 Regen event are 10-13 April. The gates officially open at Midday on the Friday (10th) and close at Midday on the Monday (13th).  You are expected to arrive on the Thursday 9th and depart on Monday 13th and to trade for at least 80% of the hours around the clock from Friday evening until Sunday night.

Important & New Conditions:

New Market Layout

We have updated the market layout, altering the event dynamic a bit and opening up a new shaded area for the public to wander and relax.

The number of markets has reduced by around 25% and therefore the rates have increased by the same.  Considering the rates haven’t gone up for a few years and there will be more scope for trade with fewer vendors I’m sure this will be something we can all embrace.

Details about new layout are below.

Market Vendor Rates:

The market vendor fee structure is as follows:


Guru Package


  • 6m x 6m Powered stall
  • 3 entry tickets
  • 2 car/SWB van (or 1 x LWB van/bus/truck) site access and parking space
  • Medium camping area (4 tents max) 

Price $900 +gst

Carny Package


  • 3m x 3m Powered stall
  • 2 entry tickets
  • 1 car/SWB van site access and parking space
  • Small camping area (2 tents max) NOT directly behind/attached to your shop

Price $600 +gst

P.S. We also have cheaper, smaller, unpowered ‘Blanket’ sites available

This year, for safety and insurance reasons, we will need to have each ticket allocated to a name.  So when we issue your Etickets you will need to have each of your staff create a Eventbrite profile to register for it, and then will need to show ID at the gate in order to get in.

If you are bringing your children or employ any person between the ages of 13-17 there will be additional steps required to complete both at the time of registration and before you arrive at the event. These additional steps will require permission from at least one of their parents or guardians and identify a responsible person who will be attending the event together with you.

While for over a decade now, we have banned the use of single-use plastic serving-ware by our caterers (including straws), there have still been some single-use plastics that really aren’t necessary.  So this ban now includes but is not limited to:

  • All single-use Plastic Drink Bottles (water/soft/energy drinks)
  • All disposable plastic bags and wrappings
  • Glow sticks and glow products
  • Non-biodegradable Glitter
  • All disposable plastic containers

So please be mindful of any plastic that you currently use in your processes and in particular your products that you serve, and seek alternative vessels and methods.

  • Trailers are counted as a vehicle. Buses, LWB vans, RVs and Trucks are considered to be 2 vehicles (ie. Not available with Carny space)
  • Vehicle parking and camping is usually available directly behind the 6x6 stall spaces however NOT in 3x3 spaces.  There will be space to park and camp but not directly attached to your Carny shop.
  • The above widths are for shop frontage only, any ropes and pegs must not exceed .5m (1/2 meter) from each side of this width measurement

Basically there is no deadline other than when we reach capacity.

Your application is not confirmed until your payment has been received so it is advised to act fast in order to make it in and reserve your preferred site.  Application ‘Approval’ does not confirm or hold your space.

It is preferred that you pay the fee in full, however you may pay 50% deposit to secure your place and pay the remaining balance by March 15th.

Refunds will be given on cancelled (or name changed) applications conditionally according to the below timeframes:

February 30th or earlier: Full refund minus a $75 admin fee
Feb 30th – Mar 15th: 50% Refund
Mar 16th - Event Date: No refund. (Unless with verified valid reason AND able to be replaced, then % refund negotiable)

Note: Any person/vendor that does a 'no show' or are significantly late at the event without notifying us will not have an application approved again in the future.

Industry Tickets

Extra tickets for your staff may be ordered and purchased at the discounted price when submitting your application (not later). Your ticket/s will then be invoiced along with your stall fee. Please do not ask for extra tickets after your application has been approved or confirmed.
• Guru Vendors - Max 2 extra tickets
• Carny Vendors - Max 1 extra ticket
• Gypsy Vendors - No extra tickets

Industry-priced Tickets are priced at $260 inc GST

As well as providing the clientele, power*, water, toilets, compost, recycling and general waste disposal are all provided by the event and are inclusive in the rates quoted above. You will need to provide all your own infrastructure and equipment including marquee, lighting, power cables, tables etc. *Excluding ‘Nomad package’

It is your sole responsibility to be qualified and legally permitted to trade your products or services. This includes having a license to be a therapist, selling legal items, being a legal citizen, etc. You must also carry a current Public Liability Insurance Policy of up to $5m.

Hair/Make-up/Piercing Artists should follow health and safety guidelines and may be subject to a health inspection.  You may contact Pyrenees Shire for more information on (03) 5349 1100

Under no circumstances can you sell or trade any of the following:

  • Food/Beverage items of any sort
  • Illegal items, eg. Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Fireworks
  • Nitrous Oxide Bulbs
  • Clothing/accessories that may be deemed culturally inappropriate (eg. native American head-dresses, native Australian artefacts, inc. Emu feather products)
  • Non-biodegradable Glitter
  • Single-use plastic products, eg Glow Sticks, plastic sealed or wrapped products
  • Any items not listed in your application

Any vendor caught trading anything unauthorised will be considered to breach their contract and the law, and may be asked to pack up and vacate the premises and/or face a lifetime ban from trading at RSF.

Rainbow Serpent takes pride in its environment policy. Working towards carbon neutrality, we are enforcing the ban of single-use plastics, the use of reusable and biodegradable cutlery & crockery of the food & beverage vendors; using bio-fuel to power the generators; have a glass/aluminium recycling system; operate a compostable toilet system, and strongly promote environmental responsibility to the punters. Please respect this policy and do your bit to make RSF a clean and environmentally responsible event site.

Stalls positions at RSF are pre-allocated. As soon as payment for your approved application has been received we will allocate your position based on your preferences outlined in your application.

As mentioned the new layout will be finalised at a later date.  You can enter your site preferences in the application and we will offer you the closest site of your size to your preference.  If it is not available you will be contacted for your updated site preferences in order of who paid and confirmed first.

The Existing (yet to be updated)  Market Map can be seen here.  The new layout will almost certainly be a scaled-down version of this one.

View Bazaar Map here

  • The Orange Sites are 3x3 Carny Stalls
  • The Blue Sites are 6x6 Guru Stalls
  • The Purple Sites are Caterers
  • The Yellow Sites are Nomad (Blanket) Stall hotspots
  • The sites marked with an 'X' have been reserved.

All sites (except Nomad) will have access to electricity 24 hours from Thursday evening til 8am Monday.  We do ask that you use this efficiently, responsibly and do not abuse it.

You MUST arrive between 8am - 10pm on Thursday 9/4/20 to set up your infrastructure and have stock/equipment deliveries. Any late arrivals will be either refused entry or seriously frowned upon - this is necessary permit requirements and a serious public safety issue. The event officially opens to the public on Friday morning so you have the option of opening Friday midday but all vendors must be ready to trade by Friday afternoon/evening, around the time entertainment officially commences. Power will be available as of Thursday evening.

You MUST stay on site until the midday and vacate by 6pm (LATEST) on Monday 13th. The event entertainment operates until Sunday evening and there are still thousands of people on site so it is unsafe for cars to be roaming the grounds and unfair to neighbouring vendors to leave a space in the market and jeopardise their security and privacy while the event is in operation.   This is a permit condition – please respect it (and don't stay up too late on Monday night). Power for markets will be switched off at 10am on Monday.

Please Note: In previous years there have been far too many vendors disrespect the strict bump-out times.  Vendors who have or will repeatedly stay late, take too long to pack up will not have their applications approved again the following year.  This is a condition of our Council Permit which is sensitive at the best of times so please respect it and plan for your timely departure.

There is to be no amplified music played from your market stall. No DJs, no Parties and no Subwoofers are permitted out of respect for your trading and sleeping neighbors as well as considering the music coordination of the event.  Background music that can only be heard inside your market is acceptable.

Each Market site is allocated 1 x 10Amp outlet.  You should not require any more than this unless previously approved.  This has been somewhat abused in previous years which has caused overloads to the generators resulting in loss of business in the market village. Not only are you required now to test and tag all your appliances and cables, but we ask for your specific power requirements at the time of application and this will be a contributing factor to your application approval, and our electrical staff on site will be monitoring power usage.


These terms and conditions may be subject to change.  If your application is approved, any updates or additions to the policies will be communicated by email.  It is your responsibility to keep up to date with our continued correspondence.


Please note our application system is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer or Edge browsers.

Make sure you are signed in to your account and take your time to read the Application FAQs before you apply.

Good luck with your submission.