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RSF Nomad Bazaar Application

Welcome to the application info page for the RSF 2019 Nomad BAZAAR.

The Nomad Bazaar is an off-shoot of our Market Bazaar. It is more casual, economical and flexible, yet does not include the power and parking access afforded to the permanent sites.

Coming into our 22nd year of operation, we are going strong, with increased ticket demand and artistic and environmental innovation. With close to 20,000 in attendance and 4 days of 24 hour operation, there is a huge scope for exposure and trade in our Market Bazaar.

The site is located in Lexton, Victoria, amongst the beautiful Pyrenees landscape. We are approximately 2 hours drive from Melbourne.

The dates for the 2019 event are 25-28 January. The gates officially open at Midday on the Thursday (24th) and the event (officially) closes at Midnight on the Monday (28th). You should arrive and depart between these times.


Nomad Vendor Rates & Conditions

Nomad Package

(Suitable for day-trading "blanket" stalls)


  • 1 x festival entry ticket
  • 2x2m Maximum space
  • 1 Person operating your stall
  • 1 Blanket, Card Table, Umbrella OR Clothes rack only (no Marquee)
  • No electricity, no vehicle access in event area, no early entry

Please be respectful and considerate with your positioning

Must collect your Nomad Stall Permit when you arrive at the event and display it at all times while trading

Price $450 +gst


NOTE: ‘‘Nomad’ stalls will need to carry a copy of their Nomad permit at all times while trading, which will be issued to you onsite when you arrive and report to the Market Coordinator on duty. Any trading impermanent or blanket stall without this permit for presentation to any RSF officials requesting it will be asked politely to pack up (and the second time will be asked to leave the event). Renegade stalls will not be tolerated out of fairness to the organised and fee-paying market stall-holders.)

Application Dates & Deadlines

It is strongly advised to submit your application as early as possible and, if approved, pay your fee just as promptly. Your application is not confirmed until your payment has been received so it is advised to act fast in order to make it in and reserve your preferred site.

Deposits, Balances, Cancellations & Refunds

It is preferred that you pay the fee in full, however you may pay 50% deposit to secure your place and pay the remaining balance by October 1st.

Refunds will be given on cancelled (or name changed) applications conditionally according to the below timescale:

Prior to October 1st: Full refund minus a $75 admin fee
Oct 1st - Nov 30th: 50% Refund
December 1st - Event Date: No refund. (Unless with verified valid reason AND able to be replaced, then % refund negotiable)

Note: Your application is not confirmed until the deposit has been received.

Industry Tickets
No industry tickets are available for Nomad Stall-holders. The scale and facilities for your stall is suited to a single person. If you need to work with a partner you might consider applying for 2 separate Nomad spaces.
Facilities & Access
As well as providing the clientele… water, toilets, compost, recycling and general waste disposal are all provided by the event and are inclusive in the rates quoted above. You will need to provide all your own infrastructure and equipment including Blanket, Card Table, Umbrella OR Clothes rack only (no Marquee) etc. No electricity is provided for Nomad Stall-holders. You should set-up during daylight hours only or in a well-lit area. No event area vehicle access or allocated camping access is provided with the Gypsy ticket. You should arrive during public access times only and park/camp in the general areas.
Licenses, Insurances & Safe Practices

It is your sole responsibility to be qualified and legally permitted to trade your products or services. This includes having a license to be a massage therapist, selling legal items, being a legal citizen, etc. You must also carry a current Public Liability Insurance Policy of up to $5m.

Hair/Make-up Artists should follow health and safety guidelines and may be subject to a health inspection.  You may contact Pyrenees Shire for more information on (03) 5349 1100

Forbidden Sale Items
Under no circumstances can you sell or trade any of the following:
  • Any Food/Beverage items
  • Illegal items, eg. Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Fireworks
  • Nitrous Oxide Bulbs
  • Clothing/accessories that may be deemed culturally inappropriate (eg. native American head-dresses)
  • Non-biodegradable Glitter
  • Single-use plastic products, eg Glow Sticks, plastic sealed or wrapped products
  • Any items not listed in your application
Any vendor reported and found trading anything unauthorised will be considered to breach their contract and the law, and may be asked to pack up and vacate the premises and/or face a lifetime ban from trading at RSF.
Environment Policy
Rainbow Serpent takes pride in its environment policy. Working towards carbon neutrality, we are enforcing the ban of single-use plastics, the use of reusable and biodegradable cutlery & crockery of the food & beverage vendors; using bio-fuel to power the generators; have a glass/aluminium recycling system; operate a compostable toilet system, and strongly promote environmental responsibility to the punters. Please respect this policy and do your bit to make RSF a clean and environmentally responsible event site.
Stall Positioning

Nomad stalls do not have pre-allocated sites. You will have numerous options of spaces to set-up, trade and pack-up each day. For ease of logistics it is advised to keep your stock and infrastructure as minimal as possible.

The map on the website outlines some recommended (Yellow Sites) Nomad Stall hotspots

View Bazaar Map here

Noise Pollution
There is to be no music played from Nomad sites.


These terms and conditions may be subject to change.  If your application is approved, any updates or additions to the policies will be communicated by email.  It is your responsibility to keep up to date with our continued correspondence.


Please note our application system is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer it works best if you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. And do not copy/paste text from a Microsoft Word document into the fields on your application form. See the Application FAQs for more details.

There is no rush, make sure you are signed in to your account and take your time to read the Application FAQs before you apply.

Good luck with your submission.