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Performer Applications

If you would like to be a part of our beloved family of performance artists that grace the grounds of Rainbow Serpent Festival, we would love to hear from you!


The FIASCO is an alternate space for alternative minds; expect the sublime, beautiful, grotesque and the unexpected!

Circus, dance, theatre, comedy, burlesque, vaudeville, flow and everything in between. Performers from all walks of life have a home on this stage, supported by a dedicated production crew that have one thing on their mind… creating the best darn show this side of the galaxy, of course!

The FIASCO has grown from a stage on the back of a flatbed truck to the wonder it is today and none of it would be possible without artists that have an inherent desire to get amongst the craziness of creation at the biggest festival of the year. Keen as magical mustard? We hope so!

Roving Performers

Be part of the spontaneous merriment that only a chance encounter can provide! Roving artists have the freedom to wander anywhere and perform with almost anyone; interaction and improvisation is the key. If you’re as fiercely independent as a Belle Époque bohemian full of Absinthe, apply to join our Roving wunderkinds today!


Join with us to make the famous Fire Show at Rainbow the grandest in all the land! This showcase attracts the very best international & local talent and is a highlight for many of the Rainbow faithfuls year in, year out.
Spin off your wicks folks, Luminosity is calling…

We absolutely encourage wild imaginings! If you can dream it, see it come to life in this wondrous space built especially for you!


Please note our application system is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer it works best if you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. and please do not use emojis or copy/paste text from a Microsoft Word document into the fields on your application form, see the Application FAQs for more details.

There is no rush, make sure you are signed in to your account and take your time to read the Application FAQs before you apply.

Good luck with your submission.


Applications are now closed.