Help us transform the Pyrenees Shire with art!

Rainbow Serpent Festival has embarked on a very exciting project under the Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation, a not-for-profit initiative we started in collaboration with the Pyrenees Shire Council to drive art and tourists to the Pyrenees region.

We are working with world-renowned kinetic artist Alex Sanson (AKA Metaform) to have a large-scale ‘Cradle’ sculpture on the Pyrenees Sculpture Park and Trail - to be realised in 2019. We are very excited to bring our unique visionary artwork beyond festival borders, driving tourism in the Pyrenees region with access to artist learning, collaboration, mentoring and investment opportunities to assist the local community.

If you’ve ever been to Rainbow Serpent Festival, you know how important art is to us - we support the Foundation’s vision to recognise and celebrate art as a driver for social change and we need your help to make this happen! The ‘Cradle’ project has been selected as a contender for the State’s Pick My Project community grants initiative - which will be awarded funding based on community votes. As long as you are a Victorian resident and you are sixteen years old, you’ll be able to support this project (along with two other favourites) that will greatly benefit the Pyrenees community. Please visit our Facebook voting event for more details about how you can support this project - and send this to your friends to spread the love.

You can vote via these (very simple!) four steps:

  1. Register an account on the Pick My Project website
  2. Enter a Victorian postal code and address, as well as your mobile number
  3. Visit the website to pick your three favourites to vote for
  4. Tell all your friends about this to share in the love and support!

We know your time is valuable - so if you prefer not to search through all the amazing projects that are eligible for funding - we've had a good look and highly recommend the following projects that will greatly benefit the Pyrenees community <3

Voting closes on Monday, 17 September at 5pm! Big love and thanks to you all in advance.

The 'Cradle' project -a world-class kinetic art sculpture by a local Victorian artist Alex Sanson AKA Metaform

Avoca Silo - another wonderful art project that will be a feature on the Pyrenees Sculpture Park and Trail.

The Resilience Project - a world-renowned program that will integrate mental health resilience strategies in primary and secondary schools across the Pyrenees Shire.