Quizzed and Confused: Reloaded – Will You Win The Grand Prize?

Guess who's back, the quiz is back....

Grand prize for 2019
2 x Complimentary tickets to Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019
1 x Vehicle Pass
1 x Bell Tent for two people in our premium camping area "Sleepy Hollow"
1 x Rainbow Serpent Festival 20th Anniversary Coffee Table Book
2 x RSF can coolers
10 x Shower tokens so you can both stay clean for the 5 days

Spot prizes of can coolers and car stickers will be distributed throughout the quiz.

Think you know stuff about Rainbow Serpent Festival, doof history, general festival life and more? Well here’s your chance to prove it, have some fun along the way and maybe even win some prizes!

Hosted on our smartphone app available on iOS and Android our quiz includes a full leaderboard so you can track your competition. With questions spanning multiple genres it’s not all about music, you can also expect some tweaks and changes to our format from previous years to spice things up a bit!

Join our Facebook Quized & Confused: Reloaded FB page to keep up with the banter and check on the scores!

We plan to post a few questions each week until approximately the second week of January 2019. Some days we may even fire rapid questions at you to help boost your position on the leader boards.

Make sure you keep your smart phone app notifications TURNED ON as you will receive a notification each time a question is posted.