Rainbow 2019 Wrap Up!

Dear Rainbow tribe!

Quite a year to unpack, so much happens in a city of 18,000 people over five days. Our experiences are all unique and, so it seems, it’s a little strange that one person tries to wrap up a gathering with 18,000 different stories.

Firstly, our thoughts and wishes are with those who are still in hospital. It’s incredibly distressing for everyone involved and we hope they make a full recovery soon. Please continue to send loving and healing vibes. 

Some stories from Rainbow this year were life changing in beautiful and inspiring ways. While, for others through no fault of their own, their stories have become futures focussed on rehabilitation, recovery and their dreams of a Rainbow with friends that never happened.

On Thursday we had the terrible truck accident and Bradley, Lili, Carolina and Sean were all injured. We have never had anything like this happen in 22 years and our heartfelt apologies go out to those hurt, their friends and families and those who witnessed the accident. We’re in contact with everyone and will continue to offer support.

The good news is we’ve been told it looks like everyone will slowly make full recovery even though the injuries have been severe. I know our whole community is sending bucket loads of love and good wishes!

We want to thank the vast, (and we mean VAST) majority of our patrons who had a safe and enjoyable weekend.

The dancefloors were friendly and it was wonderful to see the significant increase in people venturing into the Village enjoying the Evolve Gallery, talks, workshops and Karrung Larr. In general, everyone was incredibly well behaved and welcoming, so don’t let the media coverage dull the beautiful experience we know most of you had.

On the other side of the coin we also had seven medical transports for incidents relating to drugs. While this represents 0.03% of our total attendance on site it’s still not where we need to be as a community. It’s heartbreaking and harrowing to see people taken into a medical tent unresponsive. We really hope everyone is okay! We promise you we’re working incredibly hard to provide world’s best practice healthcare and we hope we will see some movement over the next 12 months. Everyone still needs to remember to look after themselves, make smart decisions and keep an eye on those who are habitually self destructive.

To our staff and volunteers, every year we owe you a massive debt of gratitude. Your dedication to the cause is unquestionable and without you the machine would not shift an inch. We are incredibly fortunate to harness your collective skill and passion. Thank you, thank you, thank you 

Our infinite respect and thanks to our aboriginal brothers and sisters and Elders and the other first nations Elders and people that gathered with us from around the world. We value the sharing of your culture, your ceremonies and feel so much gratitude for your presence over the weekend. 

To our artists, performers, speakers, facilitators and market stalls, thank you all so much for your talent, insight, creativity and the delicious offerings you provided for the masses, such a rich and vibrant year across all areas and experiences.

To our amazing service providers and stakeholders including: Colbrow Medics: Events, Training & KitsDanceWizeAmbulance VictoriaVictoria PoliceCFA (Country Fire Authority)Firetac - Australia Pty Ltd and DWELP- thank you for your positivity and collaboration and for helping to keep our boisterous community safe.

Finally, to the people of the Pyrenees Shire, the traders the Briody family and the Pyrenees Shire Council. Thank you for welcoming us into your shire and homes once again. We deeply value our connection to this area and the people we have made friends with over the past 22 years.

We are committed to continuing to work with you all to develop our festival and our relationship. We thank you for your support and understanding, your pragmatism and wisdom.

Big love – Tim Harvey. xxx - on behalf of all the staff and management of Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Photo by Spinferno {Fire & Photography}