Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation

Art is a driver for social change

We celebrate the beauty in all art forms, harnessing the power of creativity to connect cutures, promote innovation and preserve our environment.

The Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation manages and produces arts projects in the Pyrenees region of central Victoria. Our programs provide platforms for evolving art and cultural practitioners to increase skills, showcase their work and to raise awareness of social and environmentally sustainable ideas, and practice, through creativity.

Through our annual artist grants program emerging artists are given the opportunity to construct, manage and present arts installations and productions in natural environments. A complementary online Master Class program supports artistic outcomes with skills training, thereby building a self-sufficient localised arts industry.

The foundation has a particular focus on collaboration and promotion of Australian Indigenous artists, arts and culture. Art is a power cultural connector and we provide spaces for collaborated interaction that build a greater understanding between Indigenous First Australians and non-Indigenous community members.

Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation enjoys strong support from local community  groups and shire government representatives. We use the arts as a vehicle to promote sustainable environmental practices, guiding local communities in the appreciation and preservation of the breathtaking natural environment of the Pyrenees.

We utilise all art forms as mediums to stimulate creative thinking and visionary ideas among the regional communities of the Pyrenees and Ballarat where our organisation is based, and the global community that takes part in our activities.


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