RSF Regen Stage Announcement

Horizon Stage

The Sunset State, on the forest's edge, has sadly lost its traditional home in the fires. However, the good news is the crew from Sunset will now team up with the Main Stage to operate a brand new space. The Horizon Stage will run for the full duration of the event and will no doubt be a highlight of the weekend with thumping tunes and unforgettable visuals with this new collaboration.

Market Stage

A crowd favorite since Rainbow’s early days, the Market Stage has seen many different forms, but no matter what, it’s always been the heart of the festival. At Regen were happy to inform you that nothing will change here.  Bringing you the best dancefloor sessions and featured artists across Techno, Prog, Dub, Glitch and more.

Temple Stage

No longer just a chill space, the Temple Stage will showcase the best of chill, dub, reggae, downbeat and live acts.  We're sure you'll want to stop by this one on your many adventures throughout the weekend.