RSF2020 Tickets on Sale June 25 – Winter Warmer Video

Here we are folks! The days are getting shorter as we approach the winter solstice which means it’s almost time to launch tickets for RSF2020, our 23rd vibrant gathering packed to the rafters with music, art, sculpture, performance, and that very special Rainbow Serpent vibe.

As far as milestone events go RSF2020 is pretty special as we celebrate 11 years at our home in Lexton.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the local residents of the Pyrenees Shire for welcoming our colourful community for so many years, it really is quite amazing what a fundamental role the local community plays in staging our event each year and their support is appreciated and integral to the continuation of our festival.

While the majority of people who come to Rainbow are great contributors and ambassadors of our culture, it really only takes a few tragic incidents or selfish and careless attitudes to place the future of our event in doubt. We have recently seen a number of festivals around the country unable to operate due to the unacceptable risks and harms associated with people consuming illicit substances. The only people who are capable of preventing the same disastrous outcome for our beautiful gathering are you, our patrons.

So, with everything locked and loaded for RSF2020, this is our big opportunity to show Rainbow’s critics that our event and culture has a right to continue for another 10 years and that we can collectively pull together to reduce harms and look after each other. We have every confidence there are enough amazing and proactive people who attend Rainbow each year that can work with us in ensuring our gathering’s long-term future, and as the year progresses, we will be working exceptionally hard with you all to achieve this important goal. More on that down the track.

For now, let’s celebrate the impending release of Early Bird tickets on June 25 while basking in some memorable moments from RSF2019 with our annual Winter Warmer Video.
Please note the dates below for our Early Bird ticket sales. Early Bird tickets will only be available for the period specified, followed by the General presale launch.

Early Bird tickets on sale - Tuesday June 25 to Sunday July 7 (Unless sold out prior)
General Presale tickets on sale - Tuesday July 9th

Please remember to qualify for tickets you will need to have signed up to our website and go through our registration process. We will have more info on this and other ticket types available next week.

Enjoy our Winter Warmer Short!

Big love - the RSF team