2015 Waste Report

The waste report for Rainbow 2015 is in and we still have a lot of room for improvement especially in what our patrons are leaving behind!



While our recycling has seen a small improvement the amount of landfill waste and trash left behind has continued to increase despite our education campaigns and repeated requests to take your couches and other rubbish home.  Put simply this trend is no good enough and everyone needs to play a role in creating a positive changing in this area.  We hope to see a significant improvement for Rainbow 2016.

We recommend:

  1. Purchasing good quality tents that have character and durability.
    Think canvas and replaceable parts (such as poles) rather than cheaply constructed ‘bargain’ tents.
  2. Appoint yourself Chief Recycling Guru and be responsible for your entire camps waste.
    Bring bins or bags to set up a recycling station to separate general waste, aluminium cans and other recycling.
  3. Visit the campground Recycling Bays daily to drop off your waste.
    These are located next to the toilet blocks and Helper Huts and have designated areas for different types of recycling.
  4. Setting up your tent properly.
    High winds are a common feature of the weekend so peg it down securely to avoid ripping.
  5. When creating a communal shade area become a ‘tarpologist’.
    Angle sides of your shade down to protect from that early morning sun and deflect wind. Cheap gazebos incorrectly packed up litter the campsites during clean up days.
  6. If you can pack it in, pack it out.
    Large items such as couches, carpets and mattresses account for a lot of the waste abandoned after the weekend. Bring items that you love enough to take home again or use next year.
  7. Encourage your neighbours and Rainbow newbies to ‘Leave No Waste’.
    Let them know that part of coming to Rainbow means being a custodian of the land and leaving it as your found it.
  8. Plan your meals!
    Food waste is hard to reuse after it’s collected from campsites. Eat what you bring or drop compostable food at the Recycling Bays. Host a leftover supper club on the last night or gift leftover packaged foods to neighbours rather than throwing it away.
  9. Bring a large water container and a trolley.
    Make a daily pilgrimage to the taps at the toilet blocks to refill and avoid dehydration. Keep your water cooler by wrapping in a wet towel. This lowers the water temperature by a few degrees…or add ice.