2016 Waste & Sustainability Report

It’s time to have a serious look at how our community is travelling on our “Create No Waste” journey and after a couple of disappointing years we were really hoping for a significant reduction in landfill waste this year and a cultural shift back in the right direction.  The wonderful news is our community all pitched in at our 2016 gathering and we achieved the best result ever in regards to the amount of waste that went to landfill.  While we still have a long way to go to achieve similar results to some of the cleanest and greenest festivals overseas it’s great to see where back on track, so a big thank you to everyone who played a role in this encouraging result!


Before we get too excited however, the amount of rubbish left on the dancefloors hasn’t changed. Although half of you are more willing to pick it up during a Dancefloor clean up, about a quarter of you do not participate at all.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! a vast improvement in behaviour out in the campgrounds. With 83% of people rating the ‘Create No Waste’ ethos as very important to them, it’s really fantastic to see that actions are speaking as loud as their words with 2016 having the least amount of general waste created since records began!

We all know it’s best to not let it hit the ground in the first place but the dancefloors are spaces where more effort could be made in 2017. If you have a catchy slogan (keep it clean please!) let us know about it and you might see your very own words repeated around the festival.

To continue towards our goal of Creating No Waste, in 2017 a quarter of the food stalls are opting to serve on reuseable cups, bowls and plates.  Patrons will eat and drink and then place the reuseables at special bay next to a bin station. These will then be collected, washed and returned to the food vendor by our tireless Wash Against Waste team.

We’d like to hear your top tip on Creating No Waste for the festival, whether it’s making your food nude and stripping it of its plastic wrapping before you pack, or hosting a leftover brunch on Monday morning using all those tasty morsels you just didn’t get round to eating on Saturday night. Anything that you do before or during the festival which Create’s No Waste we want to know about!  Email with your ideas!