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Karrung Larr

[Aboriginal Bark Hut Camp]


The Serpent that is Rainbow — our story, our journey, our spirit

Our world is made up of a wave of different colours that are mirrored in the colours of the rainbow. Our chakras, their different vibrations, and the energies of the land — they’re all interconnected, just as we are. We are many colours but, it’s important to remember, we’re all the same on the inside: we all bleed red. At Rainbow, we as a collective are open to connection — to each and to the land. When people come together in the harmonious way of a rainbow, we all form something innately beautiful that ascends into the sky!

The Rainbow Serpent story is told by the various First Peoples of Australia. Some stories are the same, and some are very different. But each reflects the Country where the story originates. One story, known here in Victoria, tells of the Giant Serpent, Mindi, who holds both a creative and a destructive force. Together these forces are a balance of light and the dark, masculine and feminine, lore makers and lore breakers, the cycles of life, death and rebirth, the old ones and the new ones yet to come.

All is a reflection of our inner selves. This is our Wangek — our story, our journey, our spirit.


The culture bee is buzzing at the Karrung Larr

Located at the end of The Village In the shade of the gum trees you’ll find the Karrung Larr (Bark Hut Camp) — a sacred space where First Peoples offer smoking ceremonies to clear out the old and reset your good vibes.

Come and meet the mob, our Rainbow Tribe, take some time out to chill in the traditional bark huts and experience our rich First Nations Program:

  • Daily smoking ceremonies
  • Aboriginal traditional & contemporary dance workshops
  • Hand crafts, weaving & woodworking
  • Country & cultural heritage talks
  • International First Nations guests — sharing spirit & culture
  • Behold artefacts used by our Ancestors
  • Yidaki (Didgeridoo) workshops & healing
  • Boomerang throwing
  • Women’s business workshop
  • Aboriginal language workshop
  • Damper, tea & yarns with our mob
  • Nightly rock-up jam sessions by the fire

Check out the timetable to get involved.


The Karrung Larr sacred space is a shoe-fee and alcohol-free area


Bunjil Wuktjurra Sunday Session

Karrung Larr, Sunday 4pm - 8pm

This year we are excited to announce the launch of our new Bunjil Wuktjurra (knowledge exchange) Sunday Session!

Indigenous Cook-up

We invite you to join us for a big Indigenous home-style feed at the fire pit — a Torres Strait soul feast of fish and vegetarian coconut curries, roo stew, sop sop and damper. Gold coin donations welcome.

Bunjil Wuktjurra Stage

A deadly session of culture, music and sharing...

  • First Nations music & DJs
  • Cultural dance & didgeridoo performances
  • Cultural workshops: weaving & woodworking
  • Boomerang throwing
  • Aboriginal pop-up market stalls
  • Poetry, songs, yarns & stories (open mic for mob)
  • Plus more!

Bring instruments for a jam by the fire later