Colour Them Safe - Art for Expression

Expressing yourself through art is all kinds of awesome. Art is such a powerful gift - it doesn’t discriminate, there is no right or wrong, it allows us to be free, and can help us learn about ourselves and others.

This workshop has been designed to provide a safe, supportive and playful space for kids and their carers to go on a colourful journey of self-expression together.

You will get to work with a variety of art supplies, natural mediums and recycled materials. We have a selection of rad activities you can choose to do - mindfulness maps, purpose portraits, gratitude gifts - or you can let your imagination guide your creation and freestyle.

Learning aids and additional supplies will be available for children with disabilities to participate fully and freely.

Carers will also have the opportunity to learn tips, techniques and how expressive art-making can help create a path to wellness for kids.