How to Become a Rainbow Gardner

This 60-minute children’s workshop is designed to create aspiring future gardeners.

The children will go on a journey, peeking into the world of soil and plants while the parents can kick back, relax and watch their children become gardeners.

In this gardening and sustainability workshop the children will learn that all good gardening starts with healthy living soil. Together, we will look at soil, who lives in it, and how to look after the incredible web of life within. The children will learn how the mini beasts in the soil are looking after the plants, and how the plants are looking after the mini beasts, just as everything on our planet is interconnected.

We will make our own soil mixes, investigate and look at earthworms, bugs and grubs, and their relation to plants. Everyone will be able to go home with their own living soil sample and a Rainbow plant seeding to look after.

After the hands-on session, we will venture out into the permaculture garden on a discovery tour and mini beast treasure hunt with watering cans and magnifying glasses in tow, to experience first hand what it means to be a sustainable Rainbow gardener.