Fairy Sage Sprout

For Fairy Sprout the natural world is cherished. She believes looking after it is of great importance. As an official Eco Fairy it is her mission to inspire the younger generations; to help them gain a connection and understanding of the environment that surrounds them through learning and using all their senses. She does this through captivating storytelling and various fun activities. Fairy Sprout has incorporated recycling and sustainability themed stories into her performances as well as grounding the children to the land and the natural world around them. Helping them understand that they are in fact part of nature rather than separate from it. With her basket of goodies; face paint, wishes, puppets and nature props, she will be sure to entertain, excite and inspire. Rainbow Serpent Festival is Sprout's favourite time of the year! So come along and join the Eco Fairy mission and their Fae fun!