Shu Yap

I'm a consulting astrologer, counselling clients across various areas of life including relationships, career, finances, health, spiritual development, children and education.

I'm a consulting astrologer with 20 years experience in the craft. Within the field of astrology, I have a passion for traditional astrological techniques (from Hellenistic to Renaissance periods) including planetary magic, electional astrology and horary.
In my astrological client work, I like helping people and businesses to understand the deeper cycles they operate within and how they can make the most of the opportunities that these cycles offer. I work with natal charts - an insightful map of the human psyche. My focus is to explore both the conscious and subconscious realms of my clients’ psyche to enable them to gain more control and contentment over their every day lives. Through the process of dialogue, I guide clients through an understanding of the cosmology that they exist in and provide useful remediation strategies to aid in their alchemical transformation.