Sina Tui Leo

I offer service in restorative relaxation massage, myofascia release, trauma holds/release and energy work.

In a lovely way, healing has always been a part of my life and culture. It's been within the last couple of years I've chosen to focus a big part of my world in this sphere. I was pulled towards massage as it exists as a bridge of therapies, between physical and non-physical. Prior to the formal studying of massage therapy in Aotearoa, I sought teaching and understanding of energy work, chakra balancing and clearing. I really dig what I do; it helps people with their healing in a truly holistic sense, doesn't consume too many resources and keeps me in touch with some core-connection-call. I've been running a mobile business as I travel, named Truce - which has a lot of room to expand in the coming years to include plant medicine and art therapy which I'm swiftly heading towards. At Rainbow Serpent, when I'm not doing my healing thing, you'll find me groovin' to the musical flows, paint covered in a joyous form and exploring the amazing festival realms of art and community.