Marie Robert

I am happy to offer deep relaxation massage therapy, calming the mind, relaxing the body (easing tension and stress), and helping find balance between body, mind and spirit!
Relaxation massages will help you reach a complete state of relaxation as well as feeling more at ease in your body.
The long, smooth and flowing strokes will help loosen the tense muscles, stimulating your skin and circulation as well as releasing all these feel good hormones!)
I also offer hot stone massages.

"With your mind quieting down and your body relaxing, your soul soars!"

Namaste ! My name is Marie .

I have always loved receiving and giving massages. The sense of touch has always played an important role in my life, making me feeling connected, bringing me overall happiness and emotional stability.

Four years ago, i decided to study massage therapy, land then learn relaxation as well as remedial massages and different techniques along the way.

I strongly believe that connecting, taking care of ourselves and others through touch , being present, giving our time, our energy and love are key factors to our thriving as human beings.

Massaging is a way for me to express all of these at the same time.

I would love to offer my time and energy to the beautiful souls in need of some relaxation at Rainbow Serpent!