Melissa Gadras

ZenThai Shiatsu

Originally from France, I grew up surrounded by a huge community of women. My favourites Sunday afternoons were spent at my grandma’s house, drinking herbal tea, burning sage and giving each other massages. My cousins and my mum constantly asked for my magic hands! In fact, if I ever wanted to go out, my mother would only say yes if I gave her a massage. The better the massage, the easier it was to get permission to go out with friends or go travelling.
I believe it is what drove me to follow my dream and take a Thai massage training and sirvanda massage course. I now combine Thai massage and yoga to give an ultimate experience to my friends and clients.
People would say I am very calm and peaceful, and the only thing I can respond is that I am fire inside but my work and experience taught me to live life to the fullest and learn to reconnect and recenter through my practice.
It would be an honour to be apart of Rainbow Serpent this year and share what I have with such a wonderful community. After going there the past few years, I really want to be apart of it, share and learn amongst magical people.